13 Myths About best wireless router for home

13 Myths About best wireless router for home

Lots of people use Wireless Routers and they know how it is essential for them to get a proper Wireless Router. It is very difficult to know that about which one of the Best Wireless Router should be chosen for their requirement.

Every people have some thinking about the Wireless Routers and their qualities. So we will now check out some Myths about what the people thing about Best Wireless Router for their House and here we go:-

1) Nobody would try to hack my Network

1) People think that it would be a waste of time, if they hack their Network as Hackers will hack only those people such as Celebrities, Credit cards Companies, Banks etc. They will not hack any smaller Networks which are quite difficult to hack for them for a little reward, but actually both the statements are not true.

2) I don’t require a Dual-Band or Tri-Band Router

Lot of people think that Tri-Band and the Dual-Band Routers are not require as it is for the Next generation people with High level Technology. But everyone should atleast use Dual-Band Router.

3) 2.4GHz / 5GHz is quite Superior as well as your Router should remain connected to this Band at all times  

There is some truth about 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Every Bandwidth has some Weaknesses and Strengths.

5GHz is quite superior as compared to the 2.4GHz when there is avoidance of the crowded Networks which has many other devices in queue. But 2.4GHz can be quite superior to 5GHz when it comes to penetrating objects like Concrete or spanning distance.

4) Your Router Settings should not be touched with the assumption that it is setup by a Professional

People think that they can’t change the settings of the Router which is set up by the Professionals. But it is false as people can modify their settings of the Router as per their requirement.

5) Disabling SSID Hides My Network from Hackers

People think that disabling their SSID will not allow the hackers to hack their devices. But it is not true as SSID is only for the fancy name for displaying your Home Network and not for the Security purpose.

6) There is not a requirement to upgrade the Router if it still Working

Each and every year, New Wi-Fi Standards release which can be able to improve the Speed and connectivity of the Home Network. So it is important to upgrade the Router every time to get a High Speed Internet.

7) WEP is Safe as Long as people use it only in their House

People should know that WEP is never safe. WEP protocol is never safe and many Experts keep it without any security as it is possible to hack it in some minutes.

8) My Router cannot be hacked when i use WPA2-AES

It is very difficult to crack the AES Encryption. But it is possible for people to crack it with the help of the Brute Force Technique at a very much Low chance to hack it.

9) WPA2-AES Slows Down My Connection

This Myth is technically right, but people can correct it with simple up-gradation. There are many Modern Routers which are built by the hardware for managing the Solid AES Encryption with the Minimal.

10) I don’t require an Encrypted Connection as I am using Anti-Virus or Firewall Software

People require an Encrypted Connection as Firewall or Anti-Virus Software will only Protect the Downloaded Programs or Malicious Online Programs. So it is Important to Encrypt your Computer as it protects your PC while communicating with the Router or Access Point.

11) It Easy to Set-Up Wi-Fi Network

People think that it is very easy to set-up a Wi-Fi connection, but it is actually difficult. So people should set-up Wi-Fi connection with the help of Service Provider.

12) Wi-Fi is easily scalable

Wi-Fi is not scalable easily and it is quite wrong to say that it is scalable easily. Home Wireless Routers are totally made for the Home Purpose and they are intended for supporting the big surroundings such as Auditorium, Classrooms etc.

13) More Access Points is equal to More Capacity

It is not true that more Access point provides you More Capacity as all Access Points share the similar Frequency with all the devices of the Client. So it means adding more Access Points in the similar Frequency can lower your capacity.


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