Start-up bug bites Delhi University students

New companies are gaining momentum and innovative young designers are offering new ideas to work for a better society, including 3D learning in educational institutions, recycling plants, Meals and travel places.

In fact, college students who previously busy busy joining college companies now work after school to run their own business.

3Dexters, a startup that focuses on class revolution, and makes learning fun and interactive through 3D design and printing, is managed by a group of students from the University of Delhi. Raunak Singhi, a B.Com student at DU Rajdhani College is one of the directors of 3Dexters.

“We encourage learning through 3D printing and the restoration of technology in schools and other educational institutions,” he said. In the second year of its operation, it is starting with 30 schools, including Gujarat, Bihar and Mumbai. They also participate in 12 schools in Delhi-NCR.

They work with schools by giving them a teacher to work with or by providing quarterly teacher training. The program is specially designed for classes III to IX. There is also a diploma course for students. Raunak stated that his vision was to have 100 schools under 3Dexters and to spread 3D printing in India.

We-Convert, a two-year startup, is an initiative of a duo of the University of Bhaskaracharya DU of Applied Sciences. Promoting a plan for Swahh Bharat, aims at a simple and automatic segregation of waste and its recycling.

The startup has installed machines to separate and recycle waste in five locations in Delhi-NCR-IIT-Delhi, an American coffee chain in CP, New Delhi, a subway station and Pritampura. Individuals can sign up to use the machines on the home website.

Another set-up, Hello Meal, is an attempt to cater to students looking for home-cooked meals. Tushar Kantidas, the founder of the startup, is a graduate of Swami Shraddhanand College of DU. The organization is committed to providing a cheap meal to your door if you live within 6 km of Vijay Nagar.

Tushar said, “These online businesses are limited, my friends and I had the idea of facing disadvantages in college.” Hello Meal has diversified with an application, a toll-free number and no shipping charges. The beginning received a good response with about 150 orders a day.


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